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How do I add an illustrated banner to my signature?

Started by ZingerSteve, January 09, 2010, 10:30:34 PM

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I'm not very technically inclined so this BBcode stuff is foreign.  But I can follow directions.  There were directions for posting Twitter feeds to signatures, but not banners, like many have done.  How can I accomplish this?
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The FAQ has been update. Thank you.

How can I add a banner to my Signature?
This is very easily done. First create the URL code for a link. Then, instead of typing description text, insert some image code! Here's a template.
[][IMG]url of your banner[/IMG][/URL]


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This probably was mentioned somewhere else, but any size rules for these banners?
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The general rule is... just not too big. So far only one person has come up with something that is just too large and her computer sploded the next day so I'm waiting for her to get it fixed to make her shrink it.

Just look around the place. Everyone has been pretty well behaved on that front. Just fall in line and you'll be fine.  ;)


Most people tend to use what would be an ad banner. Ad banners have fairly standard sizes. The most common used in signatures is probably 468x60.


Back in 2005 as a proof of concept a friend of mine decided to prove to the board moderators a particular anime forum he was part of how bad having no limitations on signatures could be.

They basically had a "whatever you want!" policy on sigs, which was kind of rediculous. Most posts on that board were about 30% post, 70% signature.

To show them the error of their ways my friend created a signature with several-thousand-by-several-thousand pixel multi-layered javascript fade-in divs covered in nothing but rows of smileys that faded in and moved horizontally around the page while using the marquee tag.

Suffice to say after both the forum's web server and many senior posters' PCs had metaphores involving unpleasant reproductive acts applied to them, the policy was reversed. My friend thrived in our collective mirth.

Moral of the story? Big signatures = bad :P


I am sharing this with those who are unaware of this webcomic application (like comicpress) also for free