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Author Topic: SICAF2011 6th Int'l Digital Cartoon Competition call for entry  (Read 12161 times)

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Dear all


My name is jin woo Choi

Let me introduce myself first shortly

My name is jin woo Choi, working for 15th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) in south korea as a manager
in international digital cartoon dept among our festival organization

You can see more detailed information about SICAF on our official website, http://www.sicaf.org/2011/eng/index.jsp,
however, it's now under process of renewal for 2011 edition

In my digital cartoon dept, we also running cartoon competition titled 6th International Digital Cartoon Competiton
so i'd like to publicize our digital cartoon competition more widely through webcomics community

Since it's first inauguration, we recieved around 3,000 works from all around the world and so if possbile, i'd like to get more works
this year by help of webcomics community

Anyone who want to participate in our competition please visit website below


If you have any questions, just let me know

Thanks a lot


jin woo Choi