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Started by Rob, January 14, 2010, 06:49:00 PM

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So we all understand what exactly this is I'm going to define this community comic and explain the exact limits of what it entails.

First and foremost. This is supposed to be fun. No one associated with the running of this website or Remedial Comics is going to try and screw you out of anything by using your art to make money. There will at some point be ads here on the site that will supply revenue to help offset site development and bandwidth costs. If you consider that a couple ads on a site this large will be "making money" off of your GUNBABY submission and you think you might want a cut I can tell you right now that isn't going to happen and I encourage you not to participate.

Next; by submitting a comic or art for this community comic GUNBABY: The Baby With Guns, you agree that the art can be hosted by Remedial Comics and placed anywhere on the Webcomics Community Website that we see fit.

Submissions that meet a certain criteria will be posted on the front page along with links to the original artists webcomic (assuming he/she has one) or the website of the artists choice. Whether or not the art/comic submission meets the criteria for front page posting will entirely up to the Webcomics Community Staff. There will be no discussion about this.

The criteria will be that the art/comic be safe for work and in good taste. The comic is about a baby with a gun. So obviously violence is probably going to ensue. There may also be some diaper changing jokes and so on. As long as the comic does not contain overt and explicit nudity, sex and/or overt and explicit blood and gore the submission will most likely make the front page. But ultimately the interpretation of what is overt and or explicit is up to the Webcomics Community staff.

We will however post just about anything here in the forums. So even if the art/comic you want to submit is too gory for the front page it will still be here on the forums for everyone to enjoy. To a point. If your comic involves any kind of pedophilia or attacks a trademark or defames a public figure then I won't post it. Sorry if any of this seems like censorship to you but that's my line in the sand.

We in turn agree that we will not use your art or comic submission anywhere other than the Webcomics Community Website without your explicit permission and we will agree to remove/delete any submission you make to GUNBABY: The Baby With Guns from the site and forums within a reasonable time period from the date of your written request to remove said art/comic.

We also agree that the art/comic will not be used on the site without the creator's name and preferred link displayed with it.

Mostly guys, this is here so that artists and writers can show off their talent in a common medium to promote themselves to those who may frequent this community. There should be no competition or hard feelings. This should be something we all enjoy. It is not a request for a critique or a statement about how accomplished you are as an artist; it is simply a fun exercise to show what you can do. And if it spurs further discussion on other boards about artistic processes then all the better.

If you have any questions about the submission rules please feel free to ask them here. As time goes on unanticipated issues may arise and I reserve the right to go back and revisit and change these submission rules without notice or warning.

And to those of you who read through this and still think GUNBABY: The Baby With Guns sounds hilariously entertaining and you can't wait to sketch out an idea for it... Thanks.


Oh... and feel free to include characters from your own comic into your GUNBABY submission if you want to with the understanding that whatever you submit falls under the same rules listed above.

So make sure you own whatever IP you add to your GUNBABY submission.  ;)


We would like to add the GUNBABY art to the site DevaintArt group. So far I've got permission from everyone who has submitted (I think) GUNBABY art. If you have a problem with us adding your submission to the DeviantArt group ( it will be attributed to you in a blog post the artist notes for the image on the DeviantArt group page.... unfortunately that's the best I can do as one of the founders has to upload it so that's me, Ran, Trevor or Yamino) just let me know and I will remove it from the group page immediately.

Just please be aware that we will be posting it there as a modification to the promises of use posted above.

And if you don't want it posted there you can also tell me that when you submit the art to me.  ;)