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Author Topic: Mulberry Udsalg  (Read 9212 times)

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Mulberry Udsalg
« on: June 06, 2013, 12:08:21 PM »
Chatters provided some innovative examples of building reuse including a cheese factory turned into a climbing gym, numerous industrial complexes turned cultural centres and churches being used for residential purposes.Mulberry Tasker,I made my list of must see: Mars, 401 Richmond, Dineen and the Carpet Factory.Mulberry Pung,We've had several chats focused on partner's programs, such as one with Habitat for Humanity on their rehabilitation projects.Mulberry DK,Clearly, I was drawn to these dynamic and evolving places.Mulberry Udsalg,They raised over $1 million.Mulberry 2013,Since this is a special chat both because of our anniversary and our amazing partner, we've decided to revisit our 1st topic – adaptive reuse.http://www.mulberry-tasker-online.net/,I always assumed that it cross many disciplines, but perhaps it is more heritage focused then I realized.The #builtheritage chat, which focuses on heritage and preservation issues, is celebrating its two year anniversary in March.Our first chat on building reuse brought up some great sources of discussion.Continue reading.As such, instead of demolishing these structures and rebuilding new once their originally use ceases, they are adapted to a new use.Creative ways to counter these barriers we discussed, like proving local officials tours of successful reuses and getting ahead of development by soliciting ideas for reuse from the public.I also intended to go on a walking tour, but it was so packed by the time I got there I decided to skip it and checked out the nearby St.They could important landmarks in cities, or they are examples of great architecture, or they are of great historical importance, and many also contribute to the streetscape.Are the perks from the crowd scouring more appealing or its just that they're concrete (often a t-shirt or invitation to an opening)?However, there is another recent example I'd like to share.The spirit of the chat has always been communication and collaboration.
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