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Template to run a webcomic

Started by Spice, April 20, 2017, 10:30:41 AM

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Hi, I've been trying all week to find a really basic software template so I can just upload my webcomic to my site. I have had problems with literally everything I have tried so far and I can't find any way to fix them! If someone can tell me where I'm going wrong it would be a big help. The comic pages are each 1000px wide and usually at least 1500-2000 long, but length varies.

Comic Easel for wordpress (Looks amazing, but crops my comic top and bottom & shrinks it to fit)

FoOLslide (Works wonderfully but has no navigation buttons, just numbers at the top. What? No help forum, nothing.)

Grawlix (Looks amazing, has nav buttons, but every static page is a 404 error. Help forum doesn't work)

Any ideas? I would use any one of them if I could make it work properly. Or any other software that makes it easy to upload things.