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Author Topic: Bright-eyed Newbie who's in need of your help! Click me if interested.  (Read 6044 times)

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  • In need of co-writer. Please contact me.
Hi y'all! New here, obviously.

To keep it short and simple: i'm a webcomic artist/author of a humble comic called Sakura Day. I joined this community to garner some help and advice on a little problem about my webcomic. Plainly speaking, I am considering of collaborating with a co-writer for my baby, because it seems i'm keep getting into knots with the story.

What I can offer interested and potential collab-writers would only be my deepest gratitude, friendship, a new and interesting project-baby to nurture and groom, and part-authorship of my baby comic, Skaura Day.

If anyone is interested, please e-mail me ([email protected]) or just pm me so that I can share more info on the comic. Here is my webcomic Sakura Day hosted in smackjeeves.com (http://sakuraday4s.smackjeeves.com/) for preliminary info. (Please don't be afraid, critique will also be most helpful.)

If interested, please pm or email me.
Thank you for reading.

Good day!