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Started by wordgunofanun, January 16, 2010, 12:17:45 AM

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I'm currently writing a eight page zombie (ish) story for a publisher who said they'll publish it, but he's independent, so i need an artist, letterer, or a fantastic all in one.

Anyhow, I can guarantee you'll probably be published along with me. Any artists interested will be sent the script and be asked to do some page sketches along with some character sketches (nothing fancy, just to see if we're on the same brain waves or not).

The story involves zombies, humans, desert landscape, medical interior, rustic interior, and (maybe) a fairly strange dream sequence; of which you'll have quite some creative say in.

Anyone interested pm me, or reply to thread.



Oooh bad form.

You Sir have committed an internet faux pas!

You have joined a community with the express intent of hocking your filthy wares and have made no effort to actually contribute to said community by like say for example... Introducing yourself in the Introduction Thread. Or perhaps pimping your existing work in the Pimp Your Comic Thread. Or contributing your opinion in any of the many conversations you could have chimed in on.

For shame.

But I'm going to forgive you because this is our 7th day anniversary and I want to go our first full week without kicking anyone to the curb.

So please, for the sake of your precious e-reputation... try to be more careful in the future. Pick an avatar. Maybe add a banner to your profile. Make more than one post before heading for the hills. There are many on line communities that would be lighting the torches and grabbing the pitchforks for you right now.