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Art up in this piece: Post the last two thing's you've drawn

Started by KidGalactus, January 18, 2010, 10:50:19 PM

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Thanks! I've been offering free custom forum avatars to readers as a warm-up exercise, that was my favourite request, so I drew the picture up big and then cropped the avatar from it.


Moar arts! Since there has been such a long lapse, i'll go double.

Awhile back I picked up Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, and I've made a blog to document my progress. There's only one post with pictures so far, but it's if you'd like to see :)


That's really good! The first one and the last one are particularly impressive.



All the comments are fairy detailed and I am feeling bad for my terrible skills. Well they are not upto the mark that it can even be shared. But thanks for the inspiration, I am delighted to watch something as amazing as these wonders.


Doctors from an age where science is magic and people think licking frogs cures headaches

River pirates mostly smuggle wine and spices - lucrative products when the roads are too dangerous to travel


Love those drawings, Clockworkjos. Especially the river pirate. Are those pieces a one-off thing or are they a part of a bigger world that's connected?