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The End

Started by ran, April 06, 2010, 02:50:00 PM

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Okay, comic is officially launching on May 4th (pushed it up like whoa). Finally finished designing the website, and I'm looking for opinions on my layout now that I've made the site live (so that I can use the store to sell original marker art from my deviantart, because people have been asking). Also, it is hard to get web design feedback when your site is behind an Under Construction wall, so the wall is down.

Opinions? Can be found here.


Home run.  :o

Absolutely could not look better. Cannot ask more of a Wordpress/Comicpress site.

Fantastic job. I have no suggestions.

Oh and the art, as always is amazing.


It really is a good site. I'm quite impressed. My only complaint is the folded paper style you're using for your Twitter, RSS, and DeviantArt buttons. I like the concept but they're all folded exactly the same way, which gives the impression of mass production. Some slight differences in the fold between each one would help there.


Rob: Thanks! There are a few things that I'd like to make look a bit nicer, like the comments boxes, but they've been causing my problems whenever I try and change them. Aside from those, i'm pretty satisfied.

JGray: Honestly, I like that they're uniform. Anything else would feel kind of messy to me. Also, I didn't make them. A fellow on deviant art made a pack of them for social networking tools, and presumably used the same base for all of them. As such, i don't have the base PSDs and can't really edit them without royally messing them up.


That's my point, though. You've got these little graphics that are supposed to look like pieces of paper that have been kind of laying about, used, abused, and otherwise messy... and then they're all uniform. Which ruins that illusion. It just throws me off a little when my eyes track over there.