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Wanted: COLLAB-WRITER! This could be you!

Started by RedQueen, November 19, 2017, 09:43:58 PM

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I'm a webcomic creator (artist&author: IVA) that needs a co-writer for my comic Sakura Day.

Sorry, not sorry, there's no financial rewards to gain from here. What I can give is my friendship, the experience, something to add to your portfolio or lists of achievements (challenge yourself, hey!), and of course part-authorship of my baby-webcomic, Sakura Day.

The Webcomic
Sakura Day is about our heroine Meija and her adventures in Lala dorm. and its members. After meeting an almost fatal accident, she's inexplicably transported back to the living. But she doesn't know where she is, only that she's in a house of strangers. She is soon taken under their wing as a member and she gets involved with all the crazy adventures of Lala dorm. Fantasy, adventure, escapism, surrealism, and a dash of romance.

Initially, it's supposed to be experimental (still is) and episodic. But then it followed a story arc that I've planned years ago. Here's the link to Sakura Day in ( to give a taste&feel and some preliminary info.
Weak pitch, right? Some weak points too, I know. That's why I need YOU!

What I want AND need is a creative co-writer who...
  • has fresh, new ideas that can help me give blood and bones to my characters and the story itself
  • isn't too meek to give me ideas and critique
  • is available online (outside or inside this forum) to have lengthy discussions with me about structuring and writing about my...our story
  • has definite experience with writing
  • likes and writes under the genres of fantasy, escapism, slipstream, and surrealism
  • can take advantage of loopholes/plotholes
  • can give me good and creative advice in managing the webcomic
  • wants to share their experience and message with the world through the story in comic form
  • can be an all-around good friend in general
  • preferably:

    • likes cult classic movies from the 80s & 90s
    • a music-genre enthusiasts who's open to all kinds of music
    • influenced by shoujou manga and western story-telling
    • can also draw, if not digitally
    • (the above sub-bullets are optional if you don't think it's not essential to the story. But if you're not one of those, don't sweat it's not personal, just preference.)

If interested or if you have any questions, email me ([email protected]) or pm me.

Please consider my offer.
Because who knows...
we could be venturing into something great!

Good day!