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News: Want to advertise on our front page for FREE? Just go to this thread for details.

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Author Topic: Advertise on Webcomics Community for Free!  (Read 20358 times)

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Advertise on Webcomics Community for Free!
« on: January 05, 2010, 05:29:55 PM »
We are keeping the main skyscraper ad on the front page reserved for members of the site who wish to advertise there. There will be no charge.

The ad will randomly rotate so that every time someone loads a page a different ad will appear (sometimes the same ad will appear because that is the nature of randomness but you get what I mean). I don't want to hear any nonsense about us playing favorites to any site. It simply won't happen. If you keep seeing the same ad I guarantee you it is either a technical error or coincidence. We're going to keep everything on a level playing field here.

Guidelines for the ad.

1) No flash or moving ads. Just static stuff. We're trying to keep it simple.
2) The should be a skyscraper. That's 160X600 Pixels. That's 160 Pixels wide and 600 Pixels tall. No more, no less. Incorrect sizes will cause your ad to be rejected.

3) Ad must be safe for work. We have nothing against dirty comics. I love them in fact. But we want people to be able to come here at all times of the day to discuss thier webcomic without fear of getting canned because your ad has a naked lady in it. Keep it clean. If your ad is not safe for work it will be rejected

4) If your site is NSFW (not safe for work due to nudity, sexual themes or whatever) your ad must say "NSFW" in it. As I said, we have nothing against dirty, dirty comics. I really like several of them in fact. But this site needs to be accessible to all people at all times and I don't want anyone clicking on an ad at work and being surprised by career ending goodness. If your site isn't labeled NSFW and it is indeed NSFW your ad will be rejected.

5) You must include a working URL to your site so it can be checked.

6) We reserve the right to refuse advertising to anyone. Essentially this means that if you stop by, submit your ad and then never come to the website again to contribute to the community chances are we're going to pull your ad. This place is about us pulling together and coming together as creators. Not scamming one another for what we can get. Also, of your comic doesn't update for long periods or goes on hiatus chances are your ad will be pulled. When you get back on a regular schedule you are welcome to resubmit.

7) Ads must be Jpegs or GIFs and the file size must be reasonable. If I come up with a specific file size you should not exceed I'll let you know but for right now if it's more than 1MB you have a much larger file size than necessary. I've seen some very nice jpeg ads that are under 100kb. You should be aiming there.

8 ) Once you submit an ad and we approve and add it to the rotation it will stay there until we can take it down. In other words, if you suddenly decide you want it removed or replaced with another ad don't expect us to drop what we are doing and do that instantly. We will try and accomodate you but in our own time.

9)Once you submit an ad we will review and approve/reject it as soon as we can. But we are doing this for free. Be patient.

10) Since you cannot store your ads here on the site you will need to upload them to photobucket, mediafire or some other service so that we may download them. Submit your ad and URL below in it's own thread. Do not add your request to someone else's thread.

Thanks. As soon as I recieve 5 ads we will get the rotation going.
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