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FYI - nightly site maintenance

Started by Chadm1n, January 09, 2010, 09:44:52 PM

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Greetings All,

Most of you probably won't care, but in case anyone does... I felt it was important to make you aware of a particular piece of daily maintenance that may cause the site to be unavailable for 45-60 seconds.

At 2359 Eastern US time (more on the timezone in a sec):

- Apache is shut down
- web server logs are archived
- empty logs are created
- Apache is started

The database is backed up every hour, but that activity has no impact on site availability.

Now, about the timezone... the server's time reference is US Eastern. The system is subject to Daylight Savings Time and will move forward or backward as needed. For our friends across the pond, this means the server is currently GMT -5. It will be GMT -4 during the US Daylight Savings period of the year.