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Author Topic: Paid Commission  (Read 19234 times)

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Paid Commission
« on: September 18, 2010, 09:40:38 PM »
Hey all. I have a friend who needs some artwork done. It's three characters in a specific style (Ratchet and Clank style.... see the link below for reference) with no art in the background. The three characters are dressed in Mjolnir Armor from the Halo series (the Mark IV armor for the man and child... I'll put a reference in for that as well... the woman's armor will be more conceptual and harder to explain... I'll do what I can and offer some pointers... he wants feminine... form fitting Mjolnir armor for the woman... yes with a Cat's head... disturbing I know but there are female clan members).

Here are some other details.

1 Man 1 woman 1 child
Spartan armor MkIV
Helmets off
Cat heads and cat paws – no gloves
Scarred, bleeding, fresh from battle but victorious
Halo Kitkat Armor Colors
Blank Background and black Background
Female with sniper rifle on back and holding an Assault Rifle - from Halo Reach
Male Holding Dedicated Marksman Rifle with a Shotgun on back
Child holding Plasma Sword with one hand and a plasma grenade with the other

Ratchet and Clank Reference - http://ui15.gamespot.com/14/poster1024_2.jpg

Halo: Reach Sniper Rifle - http://www.haloreachers.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/halo_reach_sniper_rifle.png

Halo: Reach Assault Rifle - http://www.haloreacharound.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/reach82.jpg

Halo: Reach Dedicated Marksman Rifle - http://pr0gaming.com/images/halo-reach-dmr.jpg

Halo: Reach Shotgun - http://pr0gaming.com/images/halo-reach-shotgun.jpg

Plasma Sword - http://media.photobucket.com/image/halo%20reach%20sword/blackout1881/Reach%2520Comparison/Reach_MPBeta_Sword.jpg

Activated (that's why it's glowing) Plasma Grenade - http://www.dvdexchange-online.co.uk/Game_News/HALO_2/halo2E3_03.jpg

There are loads of references for Halo weapons in Google Image searches and whatnot. Make sure you stick to the recently released Halo: Reach versions as that is what he wants. For the most part that's what I've linked you to (the plasma grenade pretty much always looks like a teal/blue glowing ball in all five games).

And yes. That does say cat heads and paws up there. His clan is the "Halo Kit Kats"


Mark IV Mjolnir Armor - http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/halo/images/f/f1/Halo3MC.jpg

Female Spartan Armor references -









All of these female Spartans are conceptual and interpretations for the most part. You'll have to do your best to figure this part out on your own.

The Halo Kit Kat Colors - http://halokitkats.com/banner/HKK_Album_Jade%20Zebra.html


Those are color references not armor references though.

The way this will work is if you are interested let me know. Ask any questions you may have and then submit a pencil sketch. I'll forward any pencil sketches along and if he chooses you I'll let you know. We're doing pencil sketches so that you don't have to do a lot of work for free but the final version should be in color and highly polished.

The pay for this will be between $75 and $100 depending upon the quality of the finished product and the speed in which it is completed.