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Be Excellent to Each Other!

Started by Rob, January 05, 2010, 07:08:53 PM

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I hate to quote cheesy old movies but honestly that is the essence of the posting instructions here.

Disagree with someone? Do it respectfully. Hate someone's work? Try and give constructive criticism and if all else fails, keep your opinion to yourself unless asked for it. And then, be tactful.

If there is a troll or a spammer on the forums and they are obviously, intentionally causing problems contact a moderator with a private message. Then ignore them. People who cause problems on the internet are like Tinkerbell: if you don't clap for them they fade away and die.

No posting pornagraphy. If your webcomic or art is related to sex or nudity please label the thread as NSFW clearly. And even then we would prefer if you hosted the stuff off site and linked to it rather than posting the images directly into the forum. I'm not going to forbid the sexy images but if they aren't labeled properly or are clearly offensive we may delete them and ask you to host them elsewhere. Violation of this rule will lead to your image posting priveleges being revoked.

And that's it. For now. I'll add other stuff if problems arise. But essentially we here at Webcomics Community just want you to treat each other with the respect we all, as colleagues deserve.