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Title: So what do you do with your stuff?
Post by: Rob on May 24, 2010, 06:38:38 AM
Since I'm about to attend my first convention as an exhibitor in just over a month I'm curious about something I've been meaning to ask the community.

Those of you who have attended conventions in the past... once the day is over and it's time to go home... what do you do with your stuff?

Do you pack up every little thing and take it with you leaving a bare table behind or do you walk away as if you are ready to exhibit leaving everything out in the open until the next day?

Convention staff are often volunteers; unpaid volunteers. And while I imagine most of them are completely honest it only takes one to walk around grabbing merch or raiding change boxes after hours to ruin your day.

So what is your standard operating procedure? Have an life lessons or horror stories? I'd like to hear them.
Title: Re: So what do you do with your stuff?
Post by: TTallan on May 24, 2010, 08:54:07 PM
Rob, most conventions have some sort of security in the dealers room/artists alley for the evenings, to keep out random grabby people. If there happens to be none at all (which I can't imagine), then you will have no choice but to pack up. But assuming the room at least gets locked, then I do what you'll see most dealers doing: I bring along a second tablecloth and use it to completely cover my table up at the end of the day. If I have books on stands I lay them flat, but otherwise I leave everything else in place. That way, I have minimal set-up to do in the morning. The stuff I take with me back to the hotel room (or back home, if I'm at a local show) include the cash box (actually a fanny pack), my drawing tools, and my original art. The books all stay. My tablecloth (the one that actually goes on the table under the books) is wide enough that it reaches the floor, allowing my boxes of overstock to be tucked away and mostly hidden from view. I usually leave a couple of flyers scattered on top of the tablecloth, for any stragglers who are slower out of the dealers room than I am to take away if they are interested.

I never have had an issue with theft overnight, nor have I heard of that happening to anyone I know. But I look at it this way-- most of my merch cost me less than $3 to produce. If anyone is actually interested enough in my stuff to want to steal some, I figure it's not a huge loss, and hey-- at least people are reading it.  ;)
Title: Re: So what do you do with your stuff?
Post by: Rob on May 24, 2010, 08:59:47 PM
LOL. Great attitude. I was hoping you would chime in on this. Thanks.  ;D