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Title: Collaboration @Webcomics community??
Post by: GaNda on May 11, 2010, 07:47:59 AM
Hello fellow creatives...

Maybe this subject has already been covered and I missed it... if so any one tell me where it's at?
My question is:

Are there any artist collaborations here?
For example getting inked pages colored by someone else of preference..?
Or background artist assistance...like drawing cars...
Each Artist gets his rightful owned credits for his part of the work naturally.. like with the guys at DC/Marvel except difference
the color/inker artist appears as a guest artist on the requesting collaborator and of course free advertising linkage back to his own site.

Since we are all poor artists  ;) (no offense intended to anyone here!..poor could also mean in fame,in experience and not always in money) it could be a real break (for free) to really try and get your webcomic or whatever you do with your site.. a real professional look and since we are all here for the same reason (maybe most of us)...


Title: Re: Collaboration @Webcomics community??
Post by: Rob on May 11, 2010, 08:43:45 AM
I know JGray did a whole week of guest strips... many from creators here in this community for his comic Mysteries of the Arcana when they recently took a short hiatus to prep their first volume for printing.

I think one of two other small things like that happened and then several folks contributed to the Gunbaby phenomenon.

But I don't know about anyone actually working together. I'm sure that as time goes by more of us will send out the call for guest strips and the like.

Title: Re: Collaboration @Webcomics community??
Post by: Gibson on May 11, 2010, 10:40:53 AM
At the end of every book of Pictures of You, I do a handful of short pieces called Snapshots that are written by me and drawn by an artist who is also a reader, and there's at least a couple of folks in this community with whom I'll be working this time around, and one of them works with me on more than one regular project. We didn't meet through this forum (in fact, I introduced at least one of them to it,) but they are members. I would imagine at some point, I'll work with at least one person I meet here.
Title: Re: Collaboration @Webcomics community??
Post by: GaNda on May 11, 2010, 04:31:48 PM
I think there should be a collaboration page somewheres here too.
I think good stuff can come out of it, I know we are all primary trying to get noticed out there and I think there are enough readers for all of us plus some more...the issue is getting stuff out fast and professionally (for those that are looking for it) ad helping each other out as the same time.

I know that I am talking more of long form comics (like I do ) or like the cool Gibson out there is doing...imagine long form comics out daily
(for those that work during the day like me.) readers would be crazy for stuff like that I am sure...I would at work like to read my favorite long form comics daily...

Yes this is really personal stuff we are artists :)...maybe the secret formula will be done here soon!! 

Title: Re: Collaboration @Webcomics community??
Post by: Gibson on May 11, 2010, 05:33:31 PM
While I'm a fan of collaboration, the impression I've always had of this community is one of folks who are already producing work either on their own or with an established creative team. I'm not against the idea of a collaborations board or something similar, but I think the need for it is low. I suspect that people who want to work together will find each other, and anyone who wants to advertise for a collaborator can already do so in a number of boards here.

I will say that, from personal experience, collaboration doesn't equal comics daily. All of my collaborations update with less frequency than my solo title.
Title: Re: Collaboration @Webcomics community??
Post by: amanda on May 11, 2010, 07:14:37 PM
I'm sure you'll be able to find people willing to participate in a collaborative project, but for the most part, we're all doing our own thing comic-wise.
Title: Re: Collaboration @Webcomics community??
Post by: GaNda on May 12, 2010, 04:04:19 AM
Thanks All.  :)