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Title: Archon 2010, St Louis, Oct 1-3
Post by: Gibson on September 21, 2010, 03:32:24 AM
I doubt at this point, anyone will be planning a trip if they aren't already, but I figure I'll mention it on the off chance someone is local-ish and wants to attend. Archon is mostly a scifi/fantasy con, but this year there is a webcomics presence. I don't have a booth or anything, but I'm going to be speaking on several different comics/webcomics related panels, along with a handful of local webcomics luminaries. If things go well, the hope is that next year's con will have a greater webcomics focus.

Check out Archon here. (http://www.archonstl.org/34/)

Strangely enough, this is going to be my first public appearance...at least, it will be Gibson Twist's first public appearance. How's that for ominous?