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The Cow

Started by TheCow, February 08, 2010, 03:28:39 PM

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Okay, I figure I might as well stick my neck out and see what people think of my site.

I haven't gotten the search engine working quite right yet, but I think everything else is up and running correctly.

Any comments and critiques would be welcome. is the site.


I like your site.

The only thing I see that's missing is a stack of promotion buttons so readers can promote for you.

The color scheme is good since black and white works on both the level of the graphics in the comic and the idea of a cow. Very bovine color scheme.

I didn't try search since you said it wasn't working.

The navigation links could be a bit bigger maybe? Not sure on that one. Took me a second to recognize them. Could just be that I'm tired, so take that one with a grain of salt (and other people's opinions).

Good job!


Thanks for the feedback, and as a totally unrelated side note, I totally read your post in the voice of Professor Farnsworth due to your icon. Oh my, yes.



I've invented a new form of webcomic I call a "Smellomic".

Just like a normal comic, but smellier! Oh my, yes....


Cannot.  Stop.  Laughing.


I wish this thing had audio, because I do a wicked Billy West impression . . . I'd totally read these posts as Fry and the Professor . . .