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Article For Wednesday 2/24/2010

Started by Rob, February 24, 2010, 09:44:50 AM

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Sorry gang but the article for today was canned at the last minute. It was going to be part two of our UStream article but the author was checking his links and discovered one of his major recommended pieces of software is no longer available; which invalidated half the article.

So until he has the time to update/upgrade the article I'm afraid we're going to have to leave Monday's article up for a little more extended viewing.

Usually I try and have something in the backup hopper in case something like this happens but a series of these kinds of things happening have left me scrambling to rearrange the schedule almost every other day now.

I could use some help. I could use some help from you.

One of the things I've always said about this site is that it will only be as good as we, the community makes it. That means that there has to be more than one guy out there going after people to create articles. If you know someone who can provide an interesting perspective or has some sort of expertise that can inform and enlighten this community I ask you to step up and go after that person; get them to join the community, get them to participate.

I currently have several articles in various states of completion that need my attention before they can be called "done." I'm working with the authors to get them complete; but I'm insanely busy right now. As I've mentioned I'm working on a few paying, writing and voice acting gigs, trying to find a new artist for Remedy, working on a site redesign for Remedial Comics and generally up to my ass in a bunch of other things you don't care about.

And since I'm out of work, the stuff that pays is the stuff that gets' priority (and some of that is going to help out webcomics as well but more on that later).

So anything you can do to add compelling content to the site would be very much appreciated. Suggest an article. Write an article. Find someone who is really good at something related to webcomics, recruit them to the community and get them to write an article; or if they have one already get their permission to reprint it.

Someone recently suggested an in house interview section where someone in the community interviews a different webcomic creator here every other week or so. If you feel you have the writing chops and think you have the time to arrange and conduct an interview every fourteen days then please send me a PM and I'll consider adding you to the staff and I have a great interview to start you off with (no not me... someone interesting).

If I don't get some help with content soon these outages are going to become more and more frequent. I can't run this place alone. It's Webcomics Community not Rob's Webcomic Place. So please, do what you can to pitch in and make this the best creator site on the web.

On Friday we will have another site review and then hopefully content will begin flowing regularly again after that point. Once again sorry for the outage. I will do what I can to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Thanks.  ;)

P.S. Please feel free to discuss this subject here. We're all adults and I would like your thoughts on the subject. If there is some concern or question you have before heading out after that big article you think you can get then please by all means lets talk about it. If you think I should just cowboy up and do everything then let's talk about that too. LOL.


Um, I'm an art person. My writing is far from the best, and I can't code my way out of a wet paper bag.

However, I do know enough to help with just about anything in photoshop or illustrator. I've also been kicking around the idea of an advertising/project wonderful piece too.

I entirely support the idea of branching out from only helpful how-to's , and doing interviews and discussing important comic news and so forth, too.

Please don't feed the ancient deities.


I'm mostly an art person too. I could try putting together a tutorial, although I don't know of what. I already have a few tutorials on wings and such.


I would love to do interviews!  That sounds awesome =D  Hook me up - I can absolutely do an interview every two weeks.


I have a series of six articles on improving writing basics that I wrote for Sinister Squid that you could use for back-ups if you'd like.


Do it. Those are great articles that deserve to actually be read. On that note, I dunno if you know this Gib, but they were actually featured in a deviantart news article and posted in the C&C resource index.