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Author Topic: VIRAL TRSR  (Read 1507 times)

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« on: January 14, 2012, 12:43:28 PM »
Wow,so many awesome people posting here their webcomics, kinda makes me question myself.
Anyways,here I am for my own stuff.

Comic URL: http://viraltrsr.thecomicseries.com/comics/1/
Also if you are on DA,try this: http://alf-alpha.deviantart.com/gallery/34453889?offset=0
Comic Title: VIRAL TRSR
Total 63 pages excluding covers.
Total B/W
A little bad words, aweful dialogues, little nudity,
AWesome story,at least I think so.
Speciality- Always in virus infection movies,we've seen people running out of the cities. But,this time they're all gonna run into it. Secrets will be uncovered. Adventure, action,li'l romance and twists met at every turn.

Credits-Writing,penning,coloring,letterring-all done by me- Pramit Santra( alf-alpha)

See some pages first before you go to read it.
page 45.

page 59.

page 58.

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