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Author Topic: Introducing my new webcomic... and I need feedback.  (Read 5599 times)

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Introducing my new webcomic... and I need feedback.
« on: May 09, 2018, 07:26:41 AM »
Hi! I'm N/\ME. I'd like to introduce to you my webcomic.

"Suicidal Penguin." No, it's not literally about a penguin who wants to die (unlike Bob: The Suicidal Penguin, who I just recently found out while browsing the web) but it's, I don't know, completely RANDOM. One moment it's funny, the next moment it's probably a rip-off. More about it here.

I found a site called ComicFury.com where I can have my own custom domain, and I also got to tinker around with my website. So I made my webcomic site.
My first comic, called "A Confusing Culture" was released yesterday, May 8, 2018. Here's a preview. (I've made 6 comics as of today)
Tell me what you think about my webcomic and, also, my humor. I accept criticism. If you loved it, you could have more when you visit the site at http://suicidalpenguin.webcomic.ws/. Thanks.

Oh, and I make all of my comics in an old version of Adobe Animate called Adobe Flash CS5.5

Follow me on Twitter: @ThisIsName315; Subscribe to my YouTube channel; Like my Facebook page; Support me on Patreon :3
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