Banner Exchange Rules For Participation

Started by Rob, August 09, 2010, 07:12:44 PM

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The Webcomics Community Banner Exchange is an attempt to allow all our members to exchange banners without having to post a whole bunch of links and banners on their site. It is, if you will, a repository of banners that lead to members webcomics.

To participate in the program you must create a thread here on this board stating that you wish to participate in the exchange. Please do not post your request in this actual thread. Make a new one. This thread is for people who may have questions about the exchange.

You must then provide a link to your site that shows this image:

Has been coded to appear on your site. The image must serve as a link to this page.

And you must provide us with a banner for your comic that is 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high. No more, no less.

Once you do that a staff member here will review your application. We will check your site to make sure that the button image is displayed on your site and that it properly links to the exchange page. Once that is verified your comic's banner will be added to the exchange page.

Banners that are added to the exchange page will appear in a random order every time the page loads. So no one comic will always be "the top banner" presented to any visitors. Every comic will have an equal chance to appear in the top slots.

Unlike our front page ads, membership in the banner exchange will not require active membership. It's too difficult to constantly be changing the code of YOUR websites so I wouldn't want to force you to remove the button and yank you from the program because you haven't visited the forum in awhile. So as long as you are a member in good standing and you have the Webcomics Community Banner Exchange button coded on your website and it properly links to the banner exchange page your banner will appear on that page.

However, the staff will periodically be checking member sites to verify that the Webcomics Community Banner Exchange Button is on your site and if it is removed from your site your banner will be removed from the banner exchange page unless you can prove that the button is indeed on your site and functioning properly.

Please ask any questions related to this program here in this thread.