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Transporting prints to a con

Started by Rob, August 11, 2010, 01:10:49 AM

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Randy Milholland recently tweeted that he relies on these:

to transport his prints whenever he goes to cons.

Sounds like a good idea. They are cheap, ULINE is like a real world "ACME" with a ton of crap for sale you never knew you needed so they've been around awhile and are pretty reliable.

Probably not a bad shipping solution if you need something to ship sold prints in as well.


Real-life ACME?! Alright! I'm gonna get me some rocket skates  ;D


Nice! Thanks for pointing those out, Rob!

I'm definitely going to consider using these for prints. My other thought was to use two pieces of cardboard secured together for prints. Possibly for those people who want an extra guarantee that nothing is going to become wrinkled.