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Title: Check Out "Glymyre Tales"
Post by: RG2Cents on July 25, 2018, 05:22:55 PM
Oops! :-\ I hadn't remembered about the "Pimp Your Comic" topic being here when I was posting in the "Introduce Yourself" topic.  Well, hopefully it won't seem 'spammy' if I repeat some of the information again.  ;D

So, I make a fantasy webcomic called Glymyre Tales. (https://glymyretales.blogspot.com/)  It's set on an allegorical plane; in a metaphorical world called 'Whoelterran', during the 4th era of their history.  Based on a tabletop rpg invented by my sons and myself, it follows the adventures of a glymyrist, knave, medichemist, devout, and scout as they investigate a shadowy menace in The Sparkle Forests.  I could go on, but why not go see for yourself?  ;)