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Author Topic: Forums 101: An Introduction to Your Profile  (Read 20537 times)

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Forums 101: An Introduction to Your Profile
« on: January 07, 2010, 08:47:29 PM »
Alright class. This thread will serve as an introduction to your Profile, including common mistakes made by beginners. This thread will be updated periodically, so check in!


How can I add a banner to my Signature?
This is very easily done. First create the URL code for a link. Then, instead of typing description text, insert some image code! Here's a template.
Code: [Select]
[URL=www.yourwebsite.com][IMG]url of your banner[/IMG][/URL]
How do I post my twitter feed in my Signature?
Good question Buddy.You'll need to visit a website called TwitSig (http://www.twitsig.com/). Then, tell that website your Twitter User name. After that, the website will give you a page full of code. Find the one that's BBcode. It will look like this:
Code: [Select]
Got it? Okay. Now here's where it gets hard. Go to yourProfile Page. Click "Forum Profile Information". It's where you set your avatar. Now scroll down to the very bottom. Where it says Signiture? Paste the code in to that box. Then hit "Change Profile". You're now done. Scary, Wasn't it?

But what if I don't want to give up my Banner image in my signature? Can't I just LINK to my twitter feed?
You sure can! Just use this code. Fill in your Twitter URL.
Code: [Select]
[URL=http://twitter.com/YOURNAME]My Twitter Feed![/URL]

My avatar or another users avatar isn't showing up in internet explorer!
Internet explorer can be a finicky beast. First and foremost, check your format. IE doesn't get along well with the .png format. If your avatar is .png, please convert it to .jpeg. If the avatar belongs to another user, send me a PM and I'll take a look.
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