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What Happens Here!

Started by Rob, October 14, 2010, 06:18:56 PM

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Present your comic in all it's digital glory. Tell us why your baby is special and for God's sake include a link!

But I want you to know that MOST of the time when someone pimps their comic here instead of a sort of new reader "hey man I likes the jokes and the arts be rockin" they get a sort of mini critique of their comic. If you don't want that you are probably in the wrong place. You may indeed get a new reader out of putting your comic here. I know I've started reading many of the comics from members here and continue to to this day.

But there simply aren't enough members here to give you or anyone a significant bounce in traffic. So coming here to pimp your comic, even though that's what I named the thread is a fool's errand. This site is for networking with other creators and learning and sharing about the business and creative ends of running a webcomic. If all you want are new readers you will have MUCH better luck at Top Webcomics or The Webcomics List (and any one of a dozen others).

So please keep in mind that when you pimp your comic here most of us are going to tell you how to make your comic better or we'll tell you what we like about it if we are one of those "if you can't say anything nice" sort.

In short, do please tell us about your comic. It's why you're here. Just don't expect this to be your stepping stone to success as far as marketing is concerned.  ;)


Hello what is a good art program to get my pencil drawings onto computer so they come out clear? Also what link would I use to submit any work? Thank you!