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Started by Rob, January 05, 2010, 07:12:42 PM

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This site is about, by and for webcomics creators. We hope, that from the community coming together to network and pool resources that a repository of helpful information results for everyone involved in the act of webcomicking.

So if you own, write, draw or provide services for a web based entertainment website/business we encourage you to sign up at our forums and contribute to the discourse. Only by coming together can we make this experiment successful.

We have reserved space on the front page for rotating ads that will feature the websites of our active community members. More details about how that is going to work is available here.

If you are not involved in web comics but are interested in the community you are welcome to join the forums but please keep in mind that this place is first and foremost to service those who create, not those who appreciate.

So if you are looking for advice about how to get your comic off the ground, want a critique of your site or artistic style, have questions about merchandising or working with a writer; drop by our forums and ask. The more of us that band together to share information the more useful the answers will become.

I'll see you on the forums.


You have probable noticed that it is very quiet and empty in here. That's right, and it's your fault!


We need you to talk, ask questions, search the web for webcomics related news and articles and bring links here so we can read them and discuss/argue with you about them.

We need you to ask for advice and show us your art and tell us what you think of ours.

We need you.

So get to work, and I think you will find in very short order that this place isn't so quiet, and isn't so empty.

Thanks.  ;)


What it is Robby-bear.

You need to go link this on DeviantArt and digital webbing.

Who am I? Someone linked to Kurtz and his ilk, so I cannot reveal my true self right now!

As to who I am, Robo-Robby-roo:

...a friend.


Thanks.... alan....

I'm taking a more direct approach at the moment.

Most webcomickers have websites. Most of them keep contact info there. I'm sending e-mails. Planting seeds.

It's tedious work but I'm trying to reach out in a personal way.

When Trevor (Takacomics) finishes some ads for me I'm going to drop a little coin on Project Wonderful. Broadcast the word.

Thanks for joining. You enigma you.  8)